Software for hydroponic nutrient formula creation

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Nutrient Pro Hydro empowers hydroponic growers, distributors, researchers, consultants and manufacturers to confidently create their own hydroponic nutrient formulas. 

All levels of hydroponic growers can utilise the system from small hobby growers using pre-mixed liquids through to commercial operations running large nutrient systems sourcing powder / granular and liquid fertilisers.

This easy-to-use software incorporates three categories of hydroponic ingredients: Solid/powders, liquids and micronutrients. 

Formulas can be created or commercial products can be loaded to examine nutrient delivery at specified usage / dosing rates.

The software has the ability to construct simple one tank formulas right through to commercial five tank formulas with customised dosing per tank.

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How Nutrient Pro Hydro Software Works

Pre-loaded and user defined products

  • Nutrient Pro Hydro software is pre-loaded with over 50 hydroponic ingredients, covering solids/powders, liquids and micronutrients.
  • Additional products can be added by the user. All you need is the analysis of the product you would like to load.
  • Up to 200 solids/powders, 200 liquids and 200 micro nutrients can be added per file with multiple files representing projects, clients and  product groups being possible.


  • Nutrient Pro Hydro software is pre-loaded with 20 sample commercial hydroponic formulas to allow users to cross check nutrient delivery.
  • New growers also find this invaluable as a starting point to create their own custom formulas.
  • Up to 200 formulas can be added by the user per file with multiple files available.


  • Up to 200 drain and 200 water analyses can be added by the user per file which can be used to created Drainage reports for the user, clients and customers.
  • Water Analysis can be uploaded as it may be critical to take into account total nutrient levels being supplied to the crop.


  • The user selects the products to use, specific holding tank volumes (up to 5 tanks) and chooses dose rate per tank  to supply specific nutrient levels.
  • Water Analysis, Saved Formulas and Commercial Reference Formulas can also be loaded to provide data to allow optimal nutrient formula creation.
  • As products, tank volumes, dose rates and product quantities are inserted, live adjustments of final nutrient strength per element are presented.
  • Compatibility warnings for holding tanks are shown as are tank nutrient solubility alerting the user if product precipitation may occur.

Nutrient Pro HYDRO output

  • A key output is nutrients supplied by custom formulas in the water being fed to the plant at specific dosing and EC levels.
  • Reports can be Printed / PDF or the file can be saved representing a growing block or customer / client.
  • Complete reporting for staff to mix required dosing tanks.
  • Drain reports can be created allowing analysis of crop uptake of key nutrients and importantly nutrient accumulation in the growing substrate.
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