Frequently Asked Questions

Software Licence and Requirements

1. How many computers is the software licenced for?

Licence is for one PC or LAPTOP.

2. How many people can use the software?

Software is licenced per machine. Hence multiple users can use the software on the one machine.

Multiple files can be created in the software allowing multiple users per machine if required.

3. What are the system requirements?

Microsoft Excel version 2010 or greater must be installed.

Nutrient Pro is not an Excel file but rather an Excel Application operating within the Excel software framework.

Ensue MACROS ARE ENABLED when using Nutrient Pro Hydro.

4. Will the software run on my mobile device?

Unknown as current application is for PC and LAPTOP machines.

5. How do I transfer the software to another machine?

The licence is MACHINE based. If you need to transfer to another MACHINE please contact us for the process of transferring the licence.

6. Can I purchase more than one licence in a single transaction?

Only a single licence can be purchased per transaction.

Where multiple licenses are required please contact us.

7. What is the purchase currency?

Purchase currency is AUD (Australian Dollar)

8. How do I receive the software when I purchase online?

You will be emailed a link to download Nutrient Pro. Normally this happens automatically within 15 minutes. The download link is unique to your purchase and expires after the link is first activated. The link will expire 24 hours after it is first clicked.



Creating Nutrient Formulas

1. I am new to Nutrient Formulas.  Is there help available to start using the software?

Nutrient Pro has Tutorials on setting up Nutrient Formula for each delivery system. Help screen shots for Key Data input areas for Formula Creation and Databases etc. are also provided.

2. How do I know what products can be mixed together?

Nutrient Pro has basic compatibility warnings where common capabitibility issues may arise e.g. Calcium Nitrate with Phosphates.

3. How do I know how much product can be mixed in a holding tank?

Nutrient Pro calculates product solubility levels in holding tanks and alerts the user where concentrations over 200 grams per litre occur warning that product quantities may need to be reduced per tank.

4.   I am new to Hydroponics and want to grow lettuce in a water system. Is Nutrient Pro able to provide Nutrient Formulas as a starting point?

Nutrient Pro is pre-loaded with approximately 20 commercial crop Nutrient Formulas for Vegetables, Flowers and Cannabis. You can upload a suitable crop formula into the system to base your initial Nutrient Formula on.

5.  I want to estimate EC of my Nutrient Formula, is this possible?

Nutrient Pro can calculate approximate EC of a Nutrient Formula at a given dosing rate provided the EC (1 gram / Litre) concentration of each of the main nutrient fertilisers are contained in the Products Database.

Key powder nutrient products such as Calcium Nitrate, Potassium Sulphate, and Magnesium Sulphate etc are pre-loaded into the system.

Where a key product or new product entered into the Database does not have an EC it can be determined by the user by dissolving 10 grams of product in 10 litres of water and recording the EC in dSm. This EC can then be added into the product Database allowing theoretical EC calculations and different dosing rates.

Note that EC of products is only important for macro fertilisers used due to their large volumes compared to micronutrients where rates are low and their individual EC levels have little effect on overall Nutrient EC.



System, Dosing and Nutrient Tanks

1. I use a three part liquid nutrient for my system which is dosed by electric pumps straight from the nutrient bottles into the irrigation line. How do I setup dosing to use undiluted nutrient at different ratios?

Choose the 3 tank dosing system and then for each “Tank Size” input the nutrient drum capacities e.g. 25 L (effectively treating the drums as mini tanks) then choose your dose rate in Litres / 1000 L.

2. My four part venturi dosing system uses EC and pH control to add nutrients from stock tanks based on EC and pH set points, hence the dosing rate is variable to achieve desired set points. How do I setup Nutrient Formulation to account for this?

While your dosing percent will change depending on the variance away from the set point your dosing control system will report the Average Dosing rate. This is used to calculate base dosing parameters. Use this average dose rate in Litres / 1000 for each channel to setup your Nutrient Formula calculations.

3. I have a recirculating NFT lettuce system where I mix three 200 L nutrient stock tanks which are automatically dosed in a holding tank as fresh water and return nutrient enters the tank. Which Formula System do I use?

The three part Nutrient Formula system will work perfectly; simply setup each tank individually with dose rate for each.

4. Dosatron injectors are used in my system to inject nutrient directly into the irrigation line. Will the Nutrient Formulation software work with this type of dosing system?

Yes, Dosatron are proportional dosing units hence to calculate your Nutrient Formula simply set the dose rate Litres / 1000 and Tank Size for each Dosatron Unit.



Nutrient Products and Fertiliser sources

1. I use pre-mixed powders to make up my Nutrient Formulas. Am I able to use these products or only commonly available straight nutrient fertilisers?

Nutrient Pro is loaded with number common premixed fertilisers from companies such as Yara and Haifa. You can also add other company products into the Database for use.

2. I can’t see the Nutrient products I want to use loaded into the software. Is it possible to add other products?

Nutrient Pro allows you to load up to 200 products into each category of Solid, Liquid, Micro nutrient products. Hence if you have a Products analysis it is very simple to add it to the system Database.

3. My water pH varies through the season and I use different Iron Chelates to keep Iron stability in the Nutrient Mix. Does Nutrient Pro allow me to use different Iron Chelate products?

 Nutrient Pro is pre-loaded with Iron Chelate forms EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA and HBED. Hence these are available to use and you can also edit the Fe % in each if required. In addition you can upload other Iron Chelate forms into the database.

4. I like to use Chelated micronutrients in my Nutrient Formulas. Does Nutrient Pro contain Chelate trace elements or only common Sulphates?

Nutrient Pro is preloaded with micro nutrients in both Chelate and Sulphate form for Nutrient Formula creation.

5.  I use a number of additives in my Medicinal Cannabis crop outside of standard liquid nutrients. Am I able to use these in Nutrient Pro?

Nutrient Pro can utilise Nutrient products and Additives in the system. If additives have no Nutrient Content they can still be used and shown in reports for mixing Stock Nutrient tanks. Additives can be added into the Database by the user.

6. Do I have to add my own commercial fertiliser powder analysis into the software to create formulas?

Nutrient Pro comes loaded with approximately 70 commercial products that are commonly used to make Nutrient Formulas. You can use these or edit them if analysis is slightly different from your supplier. It is also possible to add your own products to the Database for use.



Water and Drain Analysis

1.  Is the software able to take into account the Nutrient content of my water supply when calculating final Nutrient Concentration going to the crop?

Nutrient Pro allows you to upload Water Samples directly into the Database which has capacity of 200 sample results. Once loaded you can pull up any of the results directly into the Nutrient Formulation calculations.

2. I like to regularly compare Nutrient Analysis against the Drain Water Analysis in a run to waste cucumber cocopeat system. Does Nutrient Pro handle Drain Water Analysis?

A key feature of Nutrient Pro is that the user can upload Drain and Nutrient water analysis into the system and a dedicated report can be produced to compare the IN and OUT Nutrient levels to allow fine tuning Nutrient Formulas. If only Drain Water Analysis is available the Drain Report can use the Calculated Nutrient Analysis and the IN Nutrient levels to generate the report.



Software Measurement Units

1. What EC (Electrical Conductivity) units are used?

Nutrient Pro uses EC units of deci siemens metre (dSm) = micro siemens centimetre (uMcm)

Following are conversions to dSm for EC:

-  CF x 10 = dSm

-   milli siemens metre (mSm) x 1000 = dSm

-   TDS = 0.7 dSm (approximately)

2. What units of measurement are used in the software?

Nutrient Pro uses Metric measurement system where the following units are used:

-  Weights in kilograms

- Volumes in Litres

- Nutrient Concentration in milligrams per Litre (mg/L) = parts per million (ppm)

Future upgrades may include imperial measurements and nutrient concentrations in mMol, uMol



Saving Formulas and Information

1. When I save a file in Nutrient Pro do I use Excel to open it again?

Nutrient Pro is a stand-alone application that uses Excel as its base program. To open a saved Nutrient Pro file you must open it in the Nutrient Pro software.

2.  I want to save the Nutrient Formula I have created. How do I do this?

If you want to save the Nutrient Formula element concentrations only, once you have created the Formula you can save it into the Database and load again for comparison when you next want to make a new formula.

If you want to save the Nutrient Products used / rates / dosing etc you can save the Nutrient Pro file with your desired file name for later use.



Nutrient Manufacturers

1. Can Nutrient Pro be used to design liquid or solid hydroponic nutrients?

Nutrient Pro allows the design of multi part products based on crop requirements. EC can be estimated at various concentration levels. The element concentration levels of each part calculates and hence products can be formulated that will stay in solution.

2. We utilise high grade BP fertiliser components in our liquid nutrients. Can we input these raw materials into the software?

The database of the software allows handling of up to 600 products that can be recalled at any time to create formulas. Further separate files by client  / product group etc can be setup, each with its own unique database.

3. Is it possible to design nutrient mixes based on water quality with the software?

The database allows the storage of up to 200 water analyses which can be used in the calculation of final nutrient concentrations in feed water. Various actual or theoretical water analyses can be loaded and analysed to see how they affect nutrient ratios in commercial formulas.

4. We need to benchmark our products against competitors in nutrient delivery and given dosing / use rates. Is this possible?

Nutrient Pro can be used to input competitors’ products and see what nutrients they deliver at given dosing or EC levels, hence benchmarking product quality and price per litre can be achieved.



Consultants / Advisors

1. I have twenty clients.  Does the software have sufficient storage to hold water / drain and nutrient formulas?

Nutrient Pro has extensive database properties allowing large numbers of sample water / drain upload and stored nutrient formulas. The software is designed so that the database can be changed for each version of the file software saved. Hence for each potential client file large data handling and storage is available.

2. How can I distribute reports regarding formulas and drip / drain reports to my clients?

Nutrient Pro allows formulas and reports once created to be PRINTED / PDF to allow electronic or paper distribution to clients.

3. I have a number of specialist nutrient formulas I have created for various crops. Can I upload these into the Software as a basis for Nutrient Formula creation?

Nutrient Pro allows uploading of Reference Crop formulas into the database. Further these formulas with an EC value can then be used to adjust new formulas to a set EC level to examine nutrient delivery.