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Easy Navigation

The power of Nutrient Pro Hydro is easily navigated via the Home Page.

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Hydroponic Formula

Select the system that is similar to your setup. There are three setups to choose from.

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Formulation Page

After clicking on your selection the formulation page will appear. The user can enter data into the green fields, with the data updating in real time.

  • Create a new formula, select one of your previously saved formulas or select a commercial formula that comes with the software.
  • Add products to each tank to create a formula. Simply select from solid/powder, liquid or micronutrient products in the database.
  • Name the tanks to suit your situation.
  • Add the volume of the tank or batch.
  • Set the dosing rate.
  • Load a water test (not compulsory).
  • Generate a nutrient report. 

Below is an example of the formulation page with three tanks.

As information is loaded the nutrient concentrations and ratios update in real time allowing the user to quickly fine tune the formula.

3 tank formulator.PNG

Data Upload

The data upload page is where you add new products, water analyses, nutrient analyses, drain analyses, nutrient formulas and reference formulas.

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Drain Reports

Use the data from your drain analysis with two report options.

The Actual Drain Report uses the data from an Nutrient Water analysis and compares to the Drain Water Analysis.

The Calculated Drain Report uses the calculated Nutrient content from a Nutrient Formula and compares to the Drain Water Analysis.

These reports are extremely powerful to fine tune nutrient inputs to your crop.

Products Database

This is the database of products supplied with the software.

The user is able to view and edit the pre-loaded products to make changes of analysis for local supplier variants.

Straight nutrient products and commercial / hobby premixed products are included.

For each file customer, client or project 200 products per category can be stored for use.

Pre loaded Products summary database.PNG

Analysis Database

The user can upload various analysis data via the Data Upload sheet.

This page allows the user to see the Analysis stored in the Databases and edit / remove selected Analysis if required.

Analysis Summary Database.PNG

Reference Formula Database

The software is pre-loaded with a number of commercial nutrient analyses for common hydroponic crops which the user can use as a cross check to the nutrient formula that they have created.

These reference formulas can be invaluable to new hydroponic growers having a base of nutrient values to create custom formulas from.

Reference Summary Database.PNG